FP3 HD LED Display

High Density touch sensitive LED Screens from multicolor

Signage & Display Solutions

fixed installation systems

The perfect solution for fixed installations of LED screens at shopping malls, airports, retail centers as well as digital signage, sports perimeter displays and sports LED screens.

Our fixed installation systems feature easy installation and maintenance, with a perfect aluminium trussing system made in Austria to build up quickly any complex constructions. The size and shape can also be customized according to your project requirements for creative LED solutions.


Our chip drive
brightness-control CDB generates perfect pictures for your promotion, even the color of the human skin is looking absolut natural by day and by night. MORE >

Sports Solutions

Multicolor sports solutions give your
fans the feeling to be inside the game - even the fastest motions will always appear clear and sharp by our CST technology with highest scanning rates up to 4880 Hz. MORE >

Architectural LED

Everything is possible, with
our creative LED solutions customized to your project and design...


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